Fibre to the Home (FTTH) & Fibre to the Business (FTTB) ISP Options

If you are a resident of a Big Bay Complex/Estate that offers their own fibre as a benefit to their homeowners, you can choose one of these ISP providers to offer your internet services.

Simply click the “Pricelist” button to open the pricing PDF of each ISP. When you’ve chosen your preferred ISP & package, then click the “Order Now!” button to email the ISP contact. They will be in contact with us directly to proceed with our process. Please do not contact DEMUX past this point, as the next steps lie directly between the ISP and yourself and the ISP and Demux.

Please Note: If there is not an existing cable to your property, there is a once-off installation charge of R1,200 for copper and R2,200 for fibre. The ISP will be able to assist you to ascertain this if you are not sure.