We are a dynamic and versatile company focusing on the Security and Networks arena. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers. One quality which sets us apart from existing competitors is that we offer maintenance of our installed systems and future solution growth, as and how our clients’ needs arise.

We aim to be a “complete solution” service provider.

Our services include current solution overview, consulting services, network planning & physical layout, sourcing of efficient yet affordable equipment and the installation & maintenance thereof. At the heart of our newest installations lies a fibre optic network spanning the area of the estate, building or campus. This network forms a foundation upon which we can deliver the latest security surveillance systems, access control solutions, digital television services, high-speed internet networking, and telephony services

Our History

DEMUX (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2015 by Ryan Minnaar and Hein Köhne. Ryan outsourced work to Hein on various projects for a company that Ryan was a part-owner of, namely Gizmotec Distributors (Pty) Ltd. It became apparent that Ryan and Hein had a lot of similar knowledge as well as a similar work ethic, while also complimenting each other with their differences in various industries and expertise. A good solid working relationship was formed between them which ultimately led to them starting their own company and DEMUX was born. The aim of this partnership is to benefit the client with a wider array of services and expertise, while growing a company to sustain them both in the future.

Ryan Minnaar has 20+ years experience working in the IT Networking and Telecoms industry. He worked 15 years for a world leading global communications corporate. His IT career started in Technical Support, working on routers and mapping complex communication systems and integration platforms. He then moved into Customer Services and later went on to become a Sales Manager. He was personally responsible for multi-million Euro targets which he achieved each year. In 2013 he decided to leave the corporate world and take his vast knowledge & experience and start his own company – Gizmotec Distributors.

Ryan has a very client focused approach to business and helps clients to realise their ideas into working network solutions. He is also a conscientious worker who doesn’t take shortcuts and believes strongly in getting a job done right the first time. He also has the ability to envisage the bigger picture of a project and works tirelessly and diligently to ultimately make those visions a reality.

Hein Köhne owned Inkalot Computers for 7 years, of which he managed it for 2 years. He holds much experience in dealing with customers face-to-face as well as leading a sales and technical force behind-the-scenes. He also holds vast experience with wireless internet and home network installations as well as computer services and repairs. A lot of his education in these arenas came from on the job training. He later progressed to managing the I.T. needs of several companies – these covered network infrastructure, PCs, printers and backup solutions.

Hein is a loyal and hard working individual who focuses on the job at hand and always strives to put the client first. He builds relationships with his clients based on trust and reliability and his easygoing good-nature makes him a pleasure to deal with.