Surveillance Systems

The surveillance systems we deliver are built on the Cathexis Vision video management system (VMS). DEMUX has been a gold partner of Cathexis Vision since our formation in 2015. Cathexis is a licensed based platform that allows you to connect any IP based surveillance camera into the video management system. You are able to manage multiple sites (e.g. various branches of a business, or different estates) from a single user interface, with various third party integration tools, allowing you to add access control or fire alerting systems into your surveillance system.

A large part of our service offering involves connecting onsite surveillance systems to offsite monitoring companies, such as Star Alarms, who we have had a successful partnership with for a number of years now. The Cathexis analytical triggering systems allow for very specific alerts to be sent through to the offsite control room. 

Star Alarms is monitoring alerts from multiple sites exclusively through the Cathexis video management system deployed into their control room environment. 

PTZ Camera