BeSecure Product Portfolio

  • Frail Care Centre
  • Personal Mobile Emergency Panic button
  • Visitor and Contractor Management
  • Cutting-edge Bluetooth hardware for location services
  • ‘No-touch’ Access Control

Snipr Products

  • Surveillance Cameras loaded with our powerful Software:
  • Vehicle license Plate analysis database
  • With the largest national footprint of ANPR cameras

Gatebook Products

  • Access Control
  • Visitor and Contractor Management
  • Resident Mobile App and guard scanning device for gate management
  • Temperature scanning

Purpose Built. Technology Driven. Community Focused.

From security, communications, access control and visitor management to home management and health care. All your community needs, managed in One Space. Convenient. Secure. Control.

The world is changing, and we are changing with it. OneSpace was born when as 3 separate businesses with a like-minded vision for the future of South Africa, we realised that our technology and experience in our respective industries became more powerful when working together.

The business and residential communities that we serve can benefit even more through our integrated tech. Standing alone, our products already add value into reducing uncertainty in community environments in their own strength. Collectively, however, our data analytics and powerful locally developed and designed systems are beginning to provide a completely new approach to the way communities are managed and protected.

In short, our unique set of products when joined together provides a powerful framework for community unity and positive change.

We operate extensively across a national footprint in the following sectors, providing custom built software and hardware solutions, as well as ongoing management and support systems in:

  • Vehicle Analytics (including suspicious vehicles database capabilities)
  • Access and Estate Management Control
  • Healthcare solutions for the elderly and frail (including Panic Buttons and In-Home care)


BeSecure is a provider of bespoke solutions into the retirement and frailcare spaces. With an impressive portfolio of locally manufactured hardware and locally designed software solutions, all seamlessly integrated into the OneSpace solution.


SNIPR is the national leader in vehicle license plate recognition technology. An Early Warning System alerting you to suspicious activity in your area. Building connections to secure South African communities together.


Gatebook is a specialist in the supply of drivers license and vehicle scanning solutions.Our manned gate entry process management is purpose built for multi-use estates and complexes.