Fibre Optics Networks

Fibre Optics

At the heart of all our service integration work is the client’s network architecture, namely the Fibre Optic foundation. As a licensed Fibre Network Operator, we lay all our own fibre infrastructure on behalf of our clients. Our business model is for clients to own their own infrastructure, which we operate & maintain on their behalf. This transforms the fibre network into an information highway for the residential complex/estate or commercial building.

This network then allows the delivery of many different services and creates the possibility of adding any future IT services that are likely to become part of our ever increasingly interconnected world.

Owning your own fibre infrastructure means that you are not beholden to any fibre service provider and you are able to deploy network infrastructure to any location inside your area of operation to provide the services you require, such as access control, surveillance systems, internet services, DSTV, Voice over IP or any other IP Network Services.